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Themes and Symbolism


       The themes of the novel I Heard the Owl Call My Name contain family and friendships. These themes are shown in many parts of the story. Even from the begining, relationships become important to everyone. In the Indian village, everyone helps everyone in order just to survive. There is no word for thank you in their language because everyone shares everything. Family becomes a theme becuase the village cares about all the people in it and theyn treat each other like family. For example: when Mark developed a good relationship with people in the village, the men offered to help him build a new vicarage. Durring celebrations, the peoiple gave what they had and not olny what they could afford to give. Everyone cared for one another as family and also respected each other. The authors message is to respect everyone and you will be respected in return. Mark came to the village with respect and honour and he became respected. The message is also to help your fellow man. When you work together your life becomes peaceful and happy. This story is relevant t people everywhere. For people who move to a new place of a new school, by helping and respecting other people, they will give you a chance to belong and will respect yopu back. Soon you will build new relationships and make new friends. There is a lot of symbolist used in this novel. The salmon are called swimmers because they only have one purpose, to swim. The bearch-man symbolizes the birsh which the Indians use for most of their belongings such as houses, cannoes, dresses, clothes, and other household items. White blanket symbolizes snow that covers the area durring winter. The owl, symbolising man and god. The Indians use lots of symbols in their traditions.