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Margaret Craven | Short Summary | Themes and Symbolism | Characters | Links

Caleb - A Bishop. Caleb is a wise, smart, caring, and loving man who changes little throughout thebook. When he finds out that Mark only has a few years tolive he sends him to a place he knows Mark will find peace. To make Mark less nervous, he answers his questions with wise tales and stories that help him in the Indian village
Mark Brian - A young vicar. Mark is respectfull, a hard worker, observative, intelligent, kind, and caring. Mark tries very hard to be accepted by the indians, whom he learns to respect and love.Throughout his adventures in the Indian village he learns their ways, traditions, and becomes very abservant. He finds out he will die soon by applying what he learned from the indians and hearing the owl call his name.
Jim Wallace - He is a your Indian adult, who becomes a close friend with Mark.Jim is a hard worker, proud, caring, and intelligent. He shows mark around the village and teaches him many things. Jim left the village when he was young but came back because he loved the village more than the outside world. He loves Keetah and wished to marry her. He is demanding and sometimes immature because he bangs on the table whne he asks Keetah for coffee. He doesnt talk much but everyone understands him anyways. 
Marta - Marta is an old Indian woman. She is wise, caring, nice, and full of sadness. She helps mark feel welcome when he arrives to the village. Marta  is a kind and traditional woman who helps the village as much as she can and helps with the celebrations and dances.
Mrs. Hudson - Old Indian woman. He is Keetah's grandmother and is a wise and bitter woman. She is a wise woman to whom people come for advice and to  findout what to bring for dinner at celebrations. She did not really like the white man and durring celebrations, she made food that she knew a white man wouldnt like.By the end of the book, she realizes how cruel to the white man she was and begins to cook things everyone would like.
Keetah - Marta's sister. Keetah is a beautiful indian woman. She is adventurous and loving. Keetah goes with her love Gordon to the outside world but returns because she misses her home. Keetah soon begins to like Jim as Jim becomes kinder and more mature to her.